Neapolis Pizza oven Moretti Forni - 101 information

Neapolis®, the wood burning oven turns electric.
The professional open-mouth oven to bake traditional Neapolitan pizza and gourmet pizza.

The unique features of Neapolis® ensure excellent baking performances: everything is designed to achieve effectiveness of result with the maximum energy efficiency.
Neapolis® is studied and designed to bake a pizza in less than one minute. It represents the perfect choice for restaurants or pizzerias that prefer baking with an open-mouth oven and need a reliable, easy to use and high performing oven: independent management of ceiling and floor or pre-set programs make Neapolis a versatile and immediate working tool.
Neapolis® is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a professional electric pizza oven capable of resisting high working rhythms and loads with extremely low consumption, such as pizzerias, restaurants, big kitchens, and hotels.
At full load, Neapolis® bakes up to 240 pizzas per hour (data refer to Neapolitan pizza baked in Neapolis 9) always perfect and repeatable, with constant operating temperature.

Why choose an electric oven for traditional and Neapolitan pizza?
Low consumption: Neapolis® is equipped with sophisticated software managing power and reducing consumption to the absolute minimum, during use: just 6,5 Kw/h (Neapolis® 6) and 6,8 Kw/h (Neapolis® 9).

Bake a large amount of pizzas with minimal operating costs.

Patented design: Neapolis® catches the eye at first glance. Its glamorous and functional design makes it easy to be integrated in any setting.
The unique rounded hood, the vintage Moretti Forni logo and the comfortable black granite working shelf refer to the Italian tradition.
Practical and efficient: Neapolis® has a useful power on timer and a self-cleaning program that allow you to save time for other preparations and increase work efficiency while improving user’s wellness.

Available in two sizes, Neapolis® 6 and Neapolis® 9, according to production capacity requirements.

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