Meat Slicer: Considering the Motor's Strength

Considering the motor strength of a meat slicer is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Efficiency and Performance: A powerful motor ensures that the meat slicer can efficiently and effectively slice through various types of meats, including tougher cuts and larger quantities. A weak motor may struggle to handle dense or thick cuts of meat, leading to slower slicing speeds and potential strain on the machine.
  2. Consistency of Slices: A robust motor helps maintain consistent slicing speed, which is essential for producing uniform slices of meat. Inconsistent slicing can result in uneven thicknesses, affecting the presentation and quality of the final product.
  3. Durability and Longevity: A stronger motor is typically associated with a more durable and long-lasting meat slicer. It can withstand the demands of frequent use and heavy-duty slicing tasks without premature wear and tear on the motor components.
  4. Safety: A motor with adequate power reduces the risk of stalling or jamming during operation, which can be hazardous to the user. A stalled blade can cause kickbacks or accidents, posing a safety hazard in the kitchen environment.
  5. Versatility: A meat slicer with a powerful motor can handle a wider range of slicing tasks, including slicing through boneless meats, cheeses, vegetables, and more. This versatility enhances the functionality of the slicer and increases its utility in a commercial or home kitchen setting.
For example, some aged cheeses like Parmesan and Manchego are easier to cut because they do not stick to the machine's flat surfaces. 
Other cheeses like Gouda, Muenster, and American will require more force because of their higher fat content causing them to stick to the slicer. As the slicer works through the cheese and these stick to the equipment's flat surfaces, the machine has to use more force to not only cut but dislodge the adhered portion.
Cheese Grams of Fat in a 1 oz Serving
Parmesan 7
Manchego 7
Gouda 7.8
Muenster 8.5
American 9
Overall, considering the motor strength of a meat slicer is essential to ensure optimal performance, consistency, durability, and safety during operation.
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